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In this fast-paced bubble shooter, the bubbles spin as you pop them. Rack up the [...]

Hairdo Master

Test your barber skillz in this “highly realistic” hair cutting simu [...]

Blocky Farm

Bejeweled style matching game. Swap adjacent vegetables to create horizontal or [...]

Motocross Mayhem 2

Start engine of your moto and take part in car crushing motocross competition. D [...]

Super Rally Challenge

Super Rally Challenge is a driving game. The aim is of the game is to boost thro [...]

Mezzy Maze

The classical Swedish wooden labyrinth game made by a cheap toy maker who appare [...]


Click to Ping primary nodes,Create chain reactions to reach the target node.Avoi [...]

Spring Challenge

Spring is back, grass and trees are all green. What better chance to start a new [...]

Space Warcraft

Fight your way in space to gold and glory.

Muret e kanalit inguinal

Ky eshte nje kuiz i shkurte rreth mureve te kanalit inguinal.Pra testoni veten s [...]

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