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Valet Parking

You need to make some extra cash so you become the newest Valet Parking attendan [...]

TV Darts Show

TV Darts the skill game thw whole family can play! Keep your eye on the prize in [...]

Wanna Oranges ?

Our panda loves juicy oranges! Help panda get her favorite food by solving addic [...]

Treasure Cannon

Old Templar vaults are full of treasure, and you’re out to get it all! Use [...]


Avoid to crash into other cars as long as possible. Cars running out of the play [...]

Deep Diver 2

Dive deep into the oceans of the world in search of the rare artifacts that will [...]

Dodgy Platforms Egypt

This is a simple defense game, where you need to move the dodgy platforms to sav [...]

Material Mole 2

Material Mole is back! Can you deliver all the loads before time runs out? Get i [...]

Multishop Tycoon

Ever think you’re a sales and marketing expert? Prove and show your skill [...]

Bar Balance

Balance as many crates crates as you can on the bar in the short time given you! [...]

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