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3D Flight Simulator Stunts

3D Flight Simulator Stunts

This is a 3D Flight Simulator Flying Game where you are in charge of a single pr [...]


Voxel based First Person Shooter created in Flash. This is an updated version (m [...]

State of Zombies 2

2d Zombie Shooter Cartoon graphic6 locations20 weaponstalents system Upgrade you [...]

Cartoon Candy

Different smiling symbols that are either heart-shaped, start-shaped, rounded an [...]

E.T. Escapes the Galactic Graveyard

You have arrived at a graveyard of spaceships orbiting twin pulsars. You’r [...]

Animal Discovery Challenge

This is a multi featured game which includes simplicity, fun, addictiveness, ski [...]

Emo Play Punk

We firstly talk about a cool game with cool features: a trendy purple game board [...]

Triangular 2048

Variation of the massively popular 2048 puzzle. Combine tiles by moving them in [...]
Dirt Bike Adventure

Dirt Bike Adventure

Are you ready for some epic 3D dirt bike adventures? In this sports game you wil [...]

Operate Now: Shoulder Surgery

Noah hurt his shoulder playing tennis. Now he needs your help getting it fixed, [...]

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