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Level Editor 4

This stick figure is exploring the Wild West. Could you help him make it back ho [...]

HitTheWall3 Global Statistic

HitTheWall returns with new mechanics, new global statistics and medals! Borrow [...]

Polar Fishing

He’s a one man (er, bear?) wrecking crew. Help this brave beast free all of the [...]

Monster Mansion

The monsters in this mansion are all mixed up! Can you help them straighten them [...]


Your ship is captured by the pirates. Explore the captain’s room to find s [...]

Home of Spellkeeper

Deep inside the forest of the elves, hidden from a traveler’s eye, is the [...]

Castle Kaboom

Making castles go kablooey isn’t easy but somebody’s gotta do it, right?


Jump on your sledge and race through the snowy levels to reunite the penguin wit [...]

Sweet Astronomy: Cookie Adventure

Get ready to blast off on a super sweet puzzle adventure. Swipe these cosmic can [...]

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