Archive for June, 2015

Tricky Little Lander

Bonus points for accurate landing and fuel remaining. 32 stages and many hazards [...]

Gun Zombie Gun 2

City construction site is overrun by nasty zombie-workers! Clumsy brain-chewing [...]

Puzzles Turtle

Use the mouse to collect five pictures with the turtles.

Snap the Shape: Hawaii

Take a virtual trip to a tropical hideaway and discover if you can solve these t [...]

Bubble Shooter Level Pack 2

Bubble shooter level pack includes the best features of a bubble shooter game, a [...]

Desert Kingdom

My grandfather told me of times past; when our kingdom was more than a dry waste [...]

Animal past incarnations

Test yourself and find out what pet you might be most likely in one of the last [...]

Puzzles with monkeys

Use the mouse to collect five pictures monkeys.

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