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Minecraft Parking

Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines and get ready for this challenge from t [...]

Abandoned Space Station

Our entire crew disappeared! Explore the space station to find some hidden clues [...]

Rainbow Girl Collecting Fruits

Rainbow Girl found an orchard full of fruit, which wants to reap when are ripe. [...]

Dart Challenge

Dart 501 Challenge is a simple flash game. Reach Zero exactly in as minimum thro [...]

Emrat e pemëve në gjuhën angleze

Ky është një kuiz për pemët se si quhen në gjuhën angleze. Testoni veten se sa d [...]

Crime of Fashion

Miss Bagana, a famous fashion designer just reported a break in. Snoop around to [...]

Kuizi Biologjia pjesa e 13

Ky eshte nje kuiz nga Biologjia.Pjesa e 13 permban 10 pyetje te ndryshme nga Bio [...]

The One Fork Restaurant DX

You run a restaurant. Your biggest problem: you only have one fork. Share the fo [...]

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